As the marketplace has changed, so has the role of a consultant in Marketing and Communications.

With these changes, the challenge of marketing and communications has emerged as being primarily responsible for focusing on the strategic role of Branding – its design and execution – and its role in promoting the organization, its products, services and employees.

This entails the understanding and use of traditional resources: advertising/creative production/ public relations/collateral design and production/strategic communications planning/ merger & acquisition integration/ facilities use and design /merchandising /training and development plans/ and marketing research. Now, social media has been added to the mix, as well as the role of the internet in the distribution of these resources.

While the job seems simpler, it has become more complex.

Branding has become increasingly powerful and immediate in the profitability of an organization.  Assessment, strategic thinking and planning, and focused executions have become bottom line requirements in bringing about market growth.  Even survival.

This then is our mission:  To focus our experience and planning into bringing the importance of Branding to those we serve.