GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!   You get what you pay for.

Recently, I have been talking with a variety of people involved in Mergers and Acquisitions.

It’s for my own good that I do this.  Finding new and qualified business is always on my mind.  First because I need the continuum.  But equally, I really enjoy the problem solving aspects of helping an organization do a better job in the marketplace and finding those rewards  – profits/evidence  - sooner than if they had continued on some less than professional path.  One of my observances from this effort is to learn that other professionals deal with this same situation.

To the reason for this blog:  Businesses are always on the look out for easy answers to difficult situations.  This often leads their leaders to conferring with friends and acquaintances that mean well but are really not experienced in addressing these situations.  I want to offer some advice.

If you are in business, and need some outside help, find the very best.  Don’t rely on some who have an opinion because they’ve read the latest article on the subject.  Find someone in your field that has experience and ask for help.

Example:  A business needs a lawyer.  There will always be legal issues that need to be addressed.  And the more the business grows, the greater the need for expertise.  Find the best lawyer in your area and set up a meeting.  Explain your situation that you’re looking for a working relationship.  Request low fees and as the business succeeds, you’ll have someone who understands the issues from the outside and can address the situation on the inside.  And don’t wait until you have an emergency.  Do it now.

Take this advice:   To succeed in the long haul, hire the best professionals to help you with your business.  The rewards will become obvious.

Added honors: Your employees will appreciate your seeking the best advice available.