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“I’ve redesigned my web site. I can hardly wait to try all of those techniques used on the internet!”

Monday, June 23rd, 2014








You’ve seen how many newly designed web sites handle these new techniques.  Pop-ups.  Bright colors.  Wavy lines.  You name it, you’ve seen it. My advice…….go slow.

First, you need to have some guidelines to help you make these kinds of decisions.   “What do you mean guidelines?”               If you have established your brand statement in a thorough manner, you should have arrived at some “characteristics” as to how and what kind of an image you want to project.

Think about your place of business.  How do you act and behave when someone comes in.  Customers will judge you in two different ways:  Environment –  Busy?  Colorful?  Disorganized?  Focused?  Dark?  Orderly?  Messy?   Employees       – Busy doing other things? No acknowledgement?  Pleasant and gracious, and anxious  to assist?  Whatever the “real” atmosphere….it should be mirrored in the “virtual” atmosphere.  Of course with a redesigned web site, you’ve probably made some changes in how you want to be “virtually” perceived.  Well, make the same “real” changes.

Assisting a recent client in this activity, we had previously agreed on:  The virtual site should be similar in nature to walking into an actual office.  It should have the same look, feel, and sound.   The site should always enhance our Brand strategy.  These simple directions helped to make some really good decisions regarding what kind of messages and images should be used.  As well it helped to decide what kind of style and application of resources should be used.

Create some “Guidelines” that will help you the next time you have to make these kinds of judgments.  Consistent images and behavior will help to build the Brand that will build your business.