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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011








Buyers are wary and judgmental. This is the time when you want to make certain that you continue to deliver the product and service that customers expect; those that can attract new business.

Some parts of the country are having a rough time with this economy.   And while doing little may be the mind-set for many organizations, now is the best time to do some assessing.   Back-to Basics, as they say.    For instance, answer questions like “What business are we really in?” and “What is it that we do better than our competitors?”  You need to find out now how you can help the organization take advantage of the upcoming improvement in market conditions.  Because it will happen!

So how will changing my name make a difference?  I didn’t say change your name; change the way it looks. (See “Logo” at Wikipedia.)

To give you an example of what this means to anyone involved in retail, drive along any strip mall or shopping center.  You’ll quickly realize how important your logo is. Most of these logos lose their identity because there is so much signage competition.  And since many are poorly designed and executed, it has led many developers to enforce strict signage regulations.  Developers try to bring customers to the area, adding “directionals” to the stores that customers are familiar with.

In changing the way your name is presented, you have a chance to give a better focus to who you are and what you do.  In the three examples above, you see that the name has not changed, but the use of color, placement and type style can give out subtle and very different signals  as to the kind of business Andy’s  might be. Add an appropriate symbol to be more specific.  It is important to make strong, focused assessments: color and font decisions help to better identify the customer’s desired service. As well, alterations of your logo give a signal to the marketplace that you’re bringing new value to your product and service.  Note J.C.Penney’s latest change!

An often overlooked and huge benefit of a logo change is the signal it sends to your employees that you are continuing to look at how you can improve your business.  You’re “keeping up”!  They will respond with enthusiasm and keener interest.  It will be a time when you can make improvements in policies and procedures which will help them better serve the organization.  Get them involved and it will be their change in attitude that will help to create a new and incredible difference.

Take some time and consider…when the market sees or hears your company’s name, what response would you want from them?  Then send me an email. Or give me a call.   It’s time to talk.