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Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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If you are a smaller company and beginning to think about the value of Branding, put Organization Chart at the top of your Review List.

I know, it would seem there are other subjects that should be addressed first. Shouldn’t it be Marketing and Communications issues that are upfront?

The reason to start here is the fact that employees are the key to delivering on the promises to the “outside” world.  Employees will make or break your efforts.  So it’s important that they understand how they work with each other and how the entire organization works.    That’s the purpose of a functional organization chart.  To display the various functions in the process and how they are linked together.  And in sync with what you want your organization to be known for.

I recently heard from some employees that they finally understood what management was trying to do.  And it came about through designing a new org chart which showed them how and where they were located in the process.

There are additional benefits:

When an employee leaves a position, you’ll know more about the function of that job rather than who the person was that filled it.

It’s easier to have employees provide a better job description of their responsibilities.  They are empowered by writing these descriptions.  And it becomes a better management tool for those who are responsible.

It is usually a time for the management team to talk to each other about what they are trying to accomplish.  It also results in a total revision of how all employees “see” the organization.

Once you’ve spent some time talking about the “inside”, you can then begin an intelligent conversation about the “outside”.


Thursday, December 10th, 2009


You can have the most advanced marketing and communications efforts at work for you.  And if that’s true, you are in the marketplace making promises.  And to those issues we address “Organization.”

The Org Chart, as it is known, reflects a number of things.

First.  Small companies are usually successful because of their owners.  They work 24/7, know where everything is, what’s happening and can get it done when it needs to be done.  Unfortunately, there comes a time when one person doing everything defeats the growth process.  Everyone has to check in with the chief before it can be done.  And…if he or she doesn’t know it’s being done, well, you can count on him or her being upset when they find out.  Not a good thing.

Yes, of course there needs to be a chief, and there needs to be some indians.  As we say in the Navy, the Captain knows where we’re going……it’s the crew that will get you there.

Second.  Look out for the single line reporting system.  This is one long line of people with varying titles and tenure.  All reporting to one person.  This is a reward system that doesn’t do anything for the organization except soothe some egos.

Third. You will want to find out who is taking care of present customers.  This is a great time to find a place to be named “Service”.

Fourth.  If you’re looking for new customers, you call on the marketing and sales forces.  Who’s in charge here?  It is vital to know who is responsible for these crucial areas.

Fifth.  The chart should exhibit at least four basic groups:

A Management Committee – where is the company going, and how is it going to get there.   A Sales team – how do we find new business.  A Service team – how do we keep existing business.  A basic services group – they give the first three groups the resources needed to do their job.

If you don’t have an up-to-date organization chart, give me a call.                                         It’s the first thing that will get you headed in a new and successful direction.  Guaranteed.