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No Deposit. No Return.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

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Austin, Texas…has seen many ups and downs.  But this much admired community seems to always pull up their bootstraps and plow on.  This latest economic chaos (that continues to prevail)  hasn’t messed up their minds.  But it certainly has put a damper on all sorts of deserving community- focused efforts.

When the economy goes down, needs at the bottom go up.  When there are people being let go, there has to be a great amount of re-training for the next up-tick.  When the local government can’t cover old standby programs, then business has to pick up the slack.  When business is down, it is really hard to find someone to pick up the tab.

Let me mention one specific organization who is responding…Sklllpoint Alliance.

I’ve served them since January, and boy, have I learned a few things.  Since 1984 this small nonprofit group with big talents has been a leader in building dynamic partnerships between business, education and government, concentrating on workforce development.  They train the down-and-out in computer skills.  They give hope to those who have to start all over.  They encourage teachers to learn new methods of teaching.  They’re trying to keep more kids in school.  They’re focusing on new technologies like digital media, emerging “green’ industries, and the healthcare industry.

And how do they do all of this during these times?

With the help of organizations that give them support, both financial and sometimes more importantly, in-kind service. There are also many unsung individuals who answer with their time, talent and money.  This is just the surface story of how this organization keeps on going.  Keeps on helping.  Keeps on building.

Impressed? You should be. Though funds are short, they have worked hard to refocus their brand.  They’ve looked at their management process, and made some changes.  They’ve realigned their development efforts. They are not sitting still.  They’re performing.  When they’re so sorely needed.   Check ‘em out.  Go to their web site. and learn about who they are and what they do.

And there is something else you can do. Choose at least one non-profit that you like.  And volunteer.

Or, if you’re a company, support your employees as a volunteer group, collectively helping their favorite nonprofit.

You are needed!

There is that old saying, “If you want to stay in the game, put something in the pot.”